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The Meeting Place

Hello Ladies! (Oh, and the few supportive men who are being bullied to read this site)

Welcome to The Meeting Place!

I created this page of my website to allow you all to be yourselves and write, comment, vent, bitch, moan, cry, support, and hopefully congratulate one another. This is a safe place where you can respond to my chapters, write about your own funny or not so funny experience, and feel the love and support from fellow infertiles as we all go through the same process.

My goal is that any woman anywhere in the world can come to this site on any given day and see that so many other women are in the same situation. Whether it's your first day of morning monitoring, second IUI, third round of IVF or you just want to comment on your experience years ago. This is the place.

We are all here for each other and we all "get it". Welcome!

Look Mom!

Someone thinks my vagina jokes are funny AND inspiring!! 

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