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April 27, 2017

That night I was supposed to start the Follistim injections. All of my materials that I needed had been delivered to me. I have everything organized. I had watched the videos multiple times. I set everything up in my kitchen and after I put my toddler to bed I start pr...

April 25, 2017

When my first child turned eighteen months old we started thinking about “trying” for our second.  I love how I say trying as if I was a fertile myrtle that could have one too many glasses of wine and some hot sex and opps get pregnant. Nevertheless my husband and I de...

September 20, 2016

We decided to do another IUI the following month.  My doctor told me it might take many IUIs, you never know.  It is now February 2012.  My sister is still pregnant, she is due the middle of March.  I have been going in for the morning monitoring fun times as previousl...

July 25, 2016

We were starting the first IUI process.  Dr. Lombardo and his team of amazing nurses and staff explained to me that I needed to take the Clomid on days three to seven of my period.  Then, on day ten of my cycle, I needed to go into the clinic for blood and ultrasound....

June 29, 2016

Chapter 3

The Fertility Clinic

The first rule of the fertility clinic is that you do not talk about the fertility clinic.  The second rule of the fertility clinic is that you DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE FERTILITY CLINIC!

One would think that these rules, like Fight Club, would...

June 7, 2016

I went on the pill when I was 19 years old, a freshman in college.  I had been sexually active before this, but I always used condoms.  Now I was dating some guy who wanted me on the pill.  He was clever about it too, we had sex and then he told me that we couldn’t hav...

June 7, 2016

I wanted to write to my visitors and followers and tell the how incredibly grateful I am to them. Your kind words and inspiration about this website, the Fit Pregnancy article and the first chapter of my book has been overwhelming. I have visitors to my site from all o...

June 1, 2016

Chapter 2 of my book is coming soon!!! Stop back to read it and pee your pants. 

April 5, 2016

Hello Ladies!!! (Oh and hello to the few ‘supportive’ men who were bullied into reading this blog).  I am infertile and no one likes to talk about it, if you’re infertile you’re not alone. Let me start at the beginning, I was born on…HA!  Just kidding, that blog would...

April 3, 2016

Hello. I am hilariously infertile. I have many hilarious stories about my experiences with infertility. I will share them shortly. Do you have funny stories about being infertile? What? You don't think infertility is funny? I know. Weird right? Infertility is nothing t...

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Chapter 10 - Shots, Shots, Shots (Abridged)

April 27, 2017

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Look Mom!

Someone thinks my vagina jokes are funny AND inspiring!! 

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