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What is is like going through initial fertility treatments, versus fertility treatments after having a child?  The answer, a lot and nothing, all at the same time. 

Ever wonder what to look for when trying to pick a surrogacy agency?  Patriot Conceptions helps to break it all down for you. 

We all cope with infertility differently.  Some of us choose to go to ground, never uttering the words 'baby', 'ovulation' or 'pregnancy test' for fear of putting a hex on our efforts.  Then there are those of us who prefer to focus on the lighter side, cracking the occasional joke and sharing stories of the craziness that is fertility treatment.

'My uterus is for decorative use only': Infertile teacher turns her brutal IVF struggle into a hilarious series of posts on Instagram to bring hope to other women struggling to conceive. 

February 20, 2017

Warning: This article is about pregnancy - not infertility

Question: What did you worry about? Answer: What didn't I worry about? See how one woman, who goes by the nom de plume 'Hilariously Infertile,' found that her worries shifted from one pregnancy to the next.

February 20, 2017

Warning: This article is about maternity leave - not infertility

Going back to work after maternity leave feels like being released into the wild—only way more awkward. See how one woman, who writes under the nom de plume Hilariously Infertile, survived the experience.

November 15, 2016

Sometimes... well, all the time... infertility feels like climbing a mountain. Hang in there ladies and keep climbing!

August 02, 2016

Written By: Hilariously Infertile

It’s not IVF that’s the hard part, it’s handling life along with IVF.  If all I had to do was head to the clinic, and then go home and rest, do shots, and do nothing else, I could handle that.  It would be hard, but manageable.  No woman going through IVF that I know of has that cushy situation.  We are women; we are running around doing a million things, balancing a million things, planning a million things.  IVF is fine.  IVF with a hearty, out of balance side portion of life, is difficult.

While infertility is no laughing matter, the comic relief of knowing you are not alone can give you a little encouragement. The journey can feel never ending and impossible at times but for many women it often ends with a healthy, precious baby in your arms (or two… or three). 

​Going through infertility treatment is incredibly difficult, but here is a lighthearted look to make your trying to conceive journey more tolerable. 

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Going through fertility treatment is the worst. Correction: It's the absolute worst. But there can be some funny aspects to the underground world of infertility and with a bit of humor, I've found it's sometimes (just sometimes) a little easier to get through it. Here are four of my funnier fertility moments that might just let you crack a smile, even in your darkest days of trying to conceive.

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Recently, someone who is very involved in the field of infertility reinforced what hundreds of patients have told me for two years; there's an astounding gap between the way many fertility practices deliver their services and what patients want and expect.

June 07, 2016

Written By: Ovulation Calculator & Lisa Newton - Amateur Nester

Infertility is real. It affects 1 in 6 healthy couples. Too often, couples suffer in silence. With the help of Lisa Newton from Amateur Nester, we reached out to 42 women dealing with infertility and blogging to learn first hand how it is that they stay positive.

We hope you feel inspired by these women, I know we are. 

This article was created by Ovulation Calculator and Lisa Newton - Amateur Nester

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