Hello, I am hilariously infertile

April 3, 2016

Hello. I am hilariously infertile. I have many hilarious stories about my experiences with infertility. I will share them shortly. Do you have funny stories about being infertile? What? You don't think infertility is funny? I know. Weird right? Infertility is nothing to laugh at, but when you're in it, there is a way to find the funny situations and it might just help you get through it.

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Do you have a hilarious story about your struggle with infertility? Or even just a quasi-funny story? How did you feel each morning getting the ultrasound wand shoved up your cooter?


How did you handle that delicate dance of the Day 2 blood and ultrasound while bleeding and unsure if your should have a tampon in or not? Email me!

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Look Mom!

Someone thinks my vagina jokes are funny AND inspiring!! 

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