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Do you have a hilarious story about your struggle with infertility? Or even just a quasi-funny story? How did you feel each morning getting the ultrasound wand shoved up your cooter?


How did you handle that delicate dance of the Day 2 blood and ultrasound while bleeding and unsure if your should have a tampon in or not? Email me!


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My Story

Hello I am Hilariously Infertile.  I know on my book/blog it says that my name is Karen Jeffries, well, it’s not.  Karen is my first name but Jeffries is not my last name.  I am doing this blog and social media stuff all anonymously because I am a normal school teacher who would like to keep her day job and I don’t think that my school district would appreciate me openly talking about my vagina all over the internet.  Fun!  So my name is Sarah, Emily, Christine, Danielle, or anything you want to call me because I represent every woman who has gone through or is going through fertility treatment.

Now here is the really annoying part.  I have two kids.  Bitch!  I have a seven year old who was conceived through an IUI.  I also have a four year old who was conceived through IVF.


At my husband’s suggestion I wrote a book about my experiences going through fertility.   It is hilarious (hence – Hilariously Infertile).  It covers everything from the daily ultrasound wand up my cooter and practically falling off the gynecological table, to the progesterone suppository cream chunking out of my vag every minute of every day, to the unspoken fertility clinic rules.  He thought the book would be more of a helpful guide to other women.  I thought the book was the perfect place to talk openly about my vagina and my amazing accomplishment of not killing anyone while jacked up on hormones for months at a time.  We agree to disagree.   


Apparently because I am not a celebrity I cannot get a book deal right away.  Bullshit right? So I have created this website and a social media presence to help get my incredibly inappropriate message out there and maybe get my book deal before I go back to work in September and this whole pipe dream of mine goes up in smoke.

My end goal is to help other women laugh their way through their treatment, while their feet are in the stirrups and their vaginas are enjoying the fresh fertility clinic air.

This is not a picture of me and my husband. This picture came with the website template, but maybe if you think we look like these people you won't judge me. Maybe?
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Look Mom!

Someone thinks my vagina jokes are funny AND inspiring!! 

Click here to go to my Book Chapters Page.

Read the first few chapters of my book. 

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